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The Cybertank Chronology


I have been asked to create a chronology of the “Old Guy” cybertank novels. The books were not written in order, but the chapters within each book are (with only one current exception) in the correct order. Still, if only as a list of all the current published stories, making a list seems useful (it must be the German part of my heritage) and as in the future I may want to write stories that are interpolated into specific time periods, here we go.      Timothy J. Gawne



COG – Chronicles of Old Guy

SBS – Space Battleship Scharnhorst and the Library of Doom

NEO – Neoliberal Economists Must Die!

CSW – Confessions of a Sentient War Engine

SA – Splendid Apocalypse


The basic temporal flow is this: NEO -> SA -> COG (except last chapter) -> SBS -> CSW -> last chapter of COG.


Frozen Snowball in Space Part I (NEO 0)

Awakenings (NEO 1)

Special Weapons Team Epsilon (NEO 2)

It Would Try the Patience of a Saint (NEO 3)

The Liberal Lion Reflects (NEO 4)

Whifflebat (NEO 5)

Frozen Snowball in Space Part II (NEO 6)

Office Copiers Revolt You Have Nothing To Lose But Your <Untranslatable> (NEO 7)

Love and Politics at 1500 Meters (NEO 8)

A Cataclysm of Cybertanks (NEO 9)

Porkchop Hangar (NEO 10)

A Vigorous Exchange of Opinions (NEO 11)

The Great Debate (NEO 12)

Roboto-helfer (NEO 13)

Cybertanks Attack! (NEO 14)

The Book and the Sword (NEO 15)

In the Belly of the Beast (SA 1)

The Book of Old Guy Part I: Genesis (SA2)

Hard Beginnings (SA3)

Another Day on the Farm (SA4)

The Librarians Temporal are Looking for a few Good Minds (SA5)

Brother Librarians, With Me! (SA6)

Cousins (SA7)

The Records of Power (SA8)

The Book of Old Guy Part II: Reflections (SA 9)

Comradeship (SA 10)

He Thirsts! He Hungers! (SA 11)

The Book of Old Guy Part III: One Down (SA 12)

Meeting Engagement (SA 13)

The Great Underground Empire (SA 14)

Notes Found on Some Napkins (SA 15)

Buddy System (SA 16)

Honor Among Thieves (SA 17)

The Book of Old Guy Part IV: Revelations (SA 18)

The Book of Old Guy Part V: Apocalypse (SA 19)

The Post-Armageddon Blues (SA 20)

A Few Centuries Later (SA 21)

Postscript (SA 22)

<< Prolonged temporal gap: cybertanks fall into a routine, humans mysteriously disappear >>

Cybertank vs. Megazillus (COG 1)

Bringing Up Baby (COG 2)

The War with the Amok (COG 3)

Don’t Touch That Dwarf, Hand me the Plasma Cannon! (COG 4)

Mondocat (COG 5)

Yet Another Vampire Story (COG 6)

Deus Ex Humana (COG 7)

Grasshopper (SBS 1)

Defend Your Public Library (SBS 2)

Fanboy (SBS 3)

Still Yet More Amok (SBS 4)

Dinner with William Tecumseh Sherman (SBS 5)

Space Opera (SBS 6)

Are We There Yet? (SBS 7)

Let’s See That on Instant Replay! (SBS 8)

Diplomacy (SBS 9)

Stand by to Repel Boarders! (SBS 10)

Would You Buy a Used Cybertank from this Man? (SBS 11)

The Library of Doom (SBS 12)

Don’t Forget to Look Up (SBS 13)

The Predator Game (SBS 14)

The Chapter that Passeth Understanding (SBS 15)

Space Battleship Scharnhorst (SBS 16)

Relic (CSW 1)

Heilige Vergeltung (CSW 2)

Shield (CSW 3)

Superbeing (CSW 4)

The Terror of Roboneuron (CSW 5)

Jesus Christ, Cybertank (CSW 6)

Flood Control Dam No. 4 (CSW 7)

Be Careful What You Wish For (CSW 8)

Tell Me a Story (CSW 9)

Space Nazis (CSW 10)

Frankenpanzer (CSW 11)

Sacrifice (CSW 12)

Endgame (COG 8)

<< Old Guy either dead or evolved to a higher form with which we cannot relate >>