Space Battleship Scharnhorst and the Library of Doom

Written by Timothy J. Gawne

The Second book in the thrilling 'Old Guy/Cybertank' Adventures!


It is the distant future and the human race has gone. Whether extinct or moved on to a higher level of existence, nobody knows. Their civilization has been inherited by the cybertanks: massive atomic powered war machines with mentalities modeled on the human psyche. Theirs is an idyllic existence: throwing parties, killing aliens, creating works of art, shooting skeet with hypersonic missiles.

But now an ancient evil from the darkest nightmares of humanity threatens to resurface and destroy them all. Are the cybertanks up to the challenge?

- Can an immortal undead vampire find true happiness with a sentient interstellar battlecruiser?
- Are space monkeys regulated by any arms control treaties?
- What was it about that black cloud thing in “The Chronicles of Old Guy”?
- Why are neoliberal economists so darned evil?
- Who’s tougher, an alien robot spider or General William Tecumseh Sherman?
- Is it wise to annoy a super-intelligent weapon of mass destruction called “Smartass”?

The answer to some of these questions, and more besides, lies within!


More Actual Reader Comments!

"Well written, well paced, and an intrigueing premise. I look forward to more of these books, as the author is now on my short list of readable sci-fi authors. (I'm very picky)." Mark Pearce - Amazon

Very well written, and an easy going read that is fun and relaxing. No small feat that for a new author. The science seems clear, understandable and plausible. Characters you come to like and admire. Humor in just the right amount, cleverly done. Honestly, you stop thinking of them as building sized war machines most of the time. And Vol 2 is even better. Sixiron - Amazon


Publication date: 1 Dec. 2012

ISBN: 978-0985295639


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