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 Both FACT and Fiction!


 Ballacourage Books is a small offshoot of a larger history publisher who is too ashamed to be connected with such drivel.  Our titles run from hard science to science fiction - and from horror to even a little more history. Our aim is to put good books in your hands, have fun, and NOT rip off authors.

We are always looking for good stuff to publish, but we have our own ways and becasuse it is our ball we can be quirky when we feel like it. If you have something you'd like to submit please just send us a short note saying what it is, anything about you or the project that you think might interest us, and we (seriosuly) will get back to you. We can easily be bribed with cookies. 


Contact Us

Our email server is being flaky. Please just drop a note to

 Jon at Gawne dot com  

and he will make sure it gets to the right person.
 Editor in Chief : James J. Preston JJP at ballacouragebooks dot com
Project Manager: Jonathan Gawne Jon at ballacouragebooks dot com
Social Media Guy: John MacLain LCM at ballacouragebooks dot com
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Other:  Jenny jenny at ballacouragebooks dot com