Neoliberal Economists Must Die!

Writen by Timothy J. Gawne

The third book of the thrilling Old Guy/Cybertank Adventures!


This is the prequel to the Old Guy/Cybertank books.

 Old Earth is a mess. It is rapidly turning into a cesspool due to overpopulation and global climate change. The Oligarchs have burned up what resources are left, and are fleeing the sinking planet to Alpha Centuri to start the rape of another planet.

To top it off an alien species, or a group of alien species, have declared war on the humans for their unchecked expansion, and refusal to play nice in the galaxy. Humanity is losing.

As a last ditch effort to gain the upper hand, the Oligarchs agree to see what genetically modified humans can come up with to save their hide. One such is Giuseppe Vargas, who creates a line of sentient war machines – the cybertanks. The first cybertank created, is none other than Old Guy.

Can Vargas and friends defend against the aliens, which keeping an eye on the oligarchs, whom he expects to stab them in the back the minute his primary task is done?

And what about those left behind on Old Earth?

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